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Hi, I'm Josh, and my blog
is better than yours

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Awh, random signs are the best.Thanks, hun. c:http://cr4shbandic00t.tumblr.com/

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really shitty, but love your blog dude..haha

Appreciate it, bud.http://v3num.tumblr.com/

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ohaithere. o:

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Awh, you’re so cute. c:Thank you.

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You’re so cute.I don’t know why your gifs never work for me, but thank you <3

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Thank you. c:

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Thank ya.http://negvtive.tumblr.com/

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LOL i ove you too c:

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sorry it sucks

It doesn’t!Thank you. c:http://moswant3d.tumblr.com/

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I don’t know if it’s your style, but I thought I’d try something out.

Looks good.Appreciated, man.http://ch1llvibes.tumblr.com/

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Josh is lame and doesn’t have a submit box :/

Lol, I’m sorry.But thank you. c:

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She sent me another one since the gif didn’t work.Follow her.

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i forgot a ‘d’ LOLbut i tried….

Oh my.Hello there.http://heart-broke-bitch.tumblr.com